What makes The New Renaissance different?


Chiropractic Coaches Dr. Ed Plentz & Dr. Kevin PallisWell, for starters, chiropractic “coaches” and “practice management” groups come and go…but Renaissance has been around since the 1970′s…and thousands of DCs have experienced the difference.

We teach Chiropractors how to communicate the big idea of Chiropractic to their patients.  Our chiropractic coaching program gives DCs a path to revolutionary personal and practice accomplishment and growth.

It’s not a marketing program for chiropractors.  It’s not about adding other modalities, pills, or lasers to your practice.  It’s about bringing the passion back to Chiropractic, and recapturing the dream that motivated you to change the world.

When it comes down to it – it is all about trust

You don’t coach as an individual…you join the TNR community. With TNR there is a tremendous sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself.

Many DCs are ashamed or humiliated by their current practice standings. Maybe it’s gotten a little (or a lot) off course with how you truly want to practice. At TNR we don’t care about where you’ve been. It’s where you want to go that is important.

Funny thing about helping DCs for all these years, it’s never been about all the problems, limitations, & reasons why a DC doesn’t have a dream practice. Once the DC makes a mental shift away from the problems and towards the commitment to the solutions, their practices and lives improve exponentially. There is a passion that finds its way back into your life again.


Want to know more about our Mentor IV Program? Watch a quick introduction video here.



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