Christmas on the Reservation

2014 Dates:

Gift Drive: TBD

Christmas on the Reservation: December 5-7, 2014


Christmas on the Reservation is our holiday program designed to bring hope and joy to the children of Fort Peck. Beginning in October, people all over the country in many different professions begin a gift drive to collect new, needed items for the kids on the Reservation. Gifts are then shipped out to Montana at the end of November for our Christmas on the Reservation gift distribution ceremonies. We travel around the Reservation to the schools and other clubs to brighten the holidays for each and every child. We make sure that every child has at least one gift each year- many times they receive a lot more!

Christmas on the Reservation was created to bring joy to the children of the Fort Peck Native American Reservation in Wolf Point, MT. Most of these children do not receive gifts at holidays, nor do they experience the same childhood happiness that many of you, and your children, have or do experience. The Reservation is engulfed by alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, suicides (most of them children or young teens), and more. It’s not hard to see why many children lose faith and turn to drugs, as they believe there is nothing else out there for them.



The New Renaissance’s DCs aim to change that paradigm and to bring hope and joy back to the children of Fort Peck!  By shipping in literally thousands of new gifts each Christmas, we are proving to these kids that there are people who genuinely care about them and want them to be successful in life.  We keep our promises with them and show up each and every year.

In the seven years we have done Christmas on the Reservation, we have collected well over 50,000 presents.  For the gift-giving ceremonies, many of our members travel to Montana to see the smiles and to hear the shouts of joy as each child receives his or her gift(s).  It’s a humbling experience that really sheds light on how good we have it.

Even if you’d rather not make the trek out to Montana, there are still many ways you can become involved with Love Has No Color…and you don’t have to be a member of our chiropractic coaching program!



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