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Most Chiropractic Colleges have ‘Clinic Abroad’ programs, where Chiropractic students are sent to third world countries to adjust natives with appalling health conditions.  This concept is great, however, the ‘patients’ are adjusted for just a week and there is no measure of the benefit to each individual.

So, Chiropractic coaches Dr. Kevin & Dr. Ed looked to the third world conditions right here in the US (Native American Reservations), and decided to make an impact they could carry on continuously and that they could measure.  For over ten years, The New Renaissance’s Love Has No Color World Project has been enhancing the lives of our First People on the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana and Spirit Lake Nation in North Dakota.

We believe that Healthier People = Healthier Planet.  By bringing Chiropractic and hope to a depressed Native American Reservation, we’re changing their whole outlook on life.  The children are being shown that there is life beyond the Reservation and they can be whatever they want to be, no matter where they come from.

Why Fort Peck & Spirit Lake?

  • They have the life expectancy of a third world country.
  • At least 1/5 of all teenagers drink alcohol weekly.
  • In a school with 160 kids, 5 children committed suicide during the 2009-2010 school year…20 more tried.  Reservations have the highest suicide rate in the US.
  • More than 1/3 of all middle-school students test positive for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s).
  • About 12% of high school females are pregnant.  There are teenage mothers everywhere.
  • The high school dropout rate is close to 40%.
  • Disease rates on reservations are unrivaled in the US.  Diabetes on reservations is 4x the national average.
  • Unemployment is at 75%.
  • The poverty found here is consistent with many countries in Africa.


What we do:

  • We help Native American children living in third world conditions right here in the United States.
  • This is a partnership with the tribes, not a charity or handout.  We help people to help themselves.  We provide them with hope, self-esteem building activities, and many other tools to they understand there is life beyond the Reservation.
  • Time is running out for these people.  The suicide rate for children is the highest of anywhere in this country.
  • We bring awareness to the wretched conditions America’s first people must endure.  Once people witness the situation, almost 100% of the time, they’re eager to help out.
  • You can actually see results and changed lives because of your involvement.
  • Their needs go beyond poverty, crime, drugs, and obesity…they have had their human rights and dignity stolen from them.
  • This is not a once-a-year mission where we are there for a short time and then leave.  We are a continuous, integral part of their community.  We have formed a partnership with the tribe.


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